A’s Story

A wanted to tell his story from when he was 26 years old in 2008. He was living independently and working in Herefordshire. He was suffering from depression and became unable to continue working so as a result lost his home.

The next few years, coping with his depression, he was sofa surfing between family members, but mainly with his dad who lives in South Wales. His dad has always kept a look out for him.

A wanted to be in Hereford so he returned here, homeless, looking for work. The local Job Centre helped him find temporary jobs. He would try anything Industrial cleaning, light building etc .Full time work was almost impossible to find during the terrible recession. The Job Centre sent A to the Hereford Night Shelter, who in turn, advised him to approach Hope Scott House. 

A joined Hope Scott House in 2010. Although he now had a roof over his head and the security he needed, life was still very difficult. He was still alone. There were no support workers at that time employed by HSH to advise or guide him. A wanted it known that he has always been clean and has never depended on any substance. He gained the respect of all the Trustees and the House Manager during his stay there and this considerably helped his confidence and raised his self esteem and as a result of this  

His luck was all about to change in a tall, unexpected, beautiful way! This came along when he first set eyes on a very special girl. Fortunately for A, the attraction went both ways! Not only did they work together but they were soon in a loving relationship. Life was on the up!

His girl soon decided after visiting him at HSH, that she wanted A to move in with her.  So in 2015, A left HSH and they shared their first home together. After a few more changes, albeit together, they now have their own home in Three Elms and a school aged child.

A has been working for a large local company for 7 years, is well known and respected by members of he public and work colleagues. He is very grateful to HSH for being the stepping stone he needed for all those years to enable him to get his life back together.

He recently visited the house and Ali, a support worker, took him to see the new rooms and pods etc He was shocked to see how much it had all changed but pleased that the residents now have such comfortable rooms along with the help and support they need to get to the happy place where he is now.